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The Manipur International University (MIU) is an Autonomous State Statutory International University. It is established, recognised and institutionally accredited by the State Government of Manipur. It is recognised and listed by the University Grants Commission (UGC), Ministry of Education, Government of India under section 2(f) of UGC Act, 1956 as a State Private University. It is empowered to award degrees under section 22 of the UGC Act, 1956. It has been declared as an “International Institution of Excellence”, an “Institution of State Importance”, and “State Research Institute” by the State.

MIU is established by the State Government of Manipur via Manipur International University Ordinance, 2018 (Manipur Ordinance No.1 of 2018) which was notified in the Official Gazette on 26th June 2018. Later, the monsoon session of the Manipur State Legislative Assembly has unanimously passed the Manipur International University Bill, 2018 (Manipur Bill No.8 of 2018) on 23rd July 2018. The winter session of the Manipur Legislative Assembly has once again unanimously passed the Bill on 21st Dec 2018. The Manipur International University Act, 2018 (Manipur Act No.2 of 2019) has received the final assent of the Hon’ble Governor of Manipur on 23rd Jan 2019, and it has been notified by the Law and Legislative Affairs Department, State Government of Manipur in the official Gazette Extraordinary of Manipur State on 14th Feb 2019.

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The mission of the Manipur International University is to provide high quality higher education with emphasis on educating the nation’s rural and tribal communities by offering respected, relevant, accessible, affordable, and student-focused programs that prepare students for service and leadership in a diverse, global society.

The university seeks to use the medium of education to connect India with the world. The university aims to open the doors of Indian Higher Education System to rest of the world, while welcoming opportunities, talent, and technology from rest of the world.

The University has partnered and continues to partner with numerous Government and Non-Government bodies, Local, National and International Organisations, Multinational Companies and Individuals


Education it is said is one of the most profitable business in the world and every business house seems to be clamouring for it and succeeding in their pursuits. But have we ever stopped to wonder if theses pursuits are reaching the people who truly need it. The world is filled with forgotten corners, neglected and abandoned, hopeless and dejected, not having access to their basic needs let alone Quality Education. In the age where humanity is looking at the stars and designing the game plan to colonise mars, it comes as a surprise that some of our population lacks the access to a better world. It is in this foundation in pursuit of a better world, a well rounded growth with education in its pivot that Manipur International University (MIU) takes its first step and we plan to never stop, to change the world, to passionately work for a better future, to ensure sustainability by enveloping growth through inclusive development.

Manipur International University

5 Pillars

ECHER is the 5 Pillars of Development that MIU pivots around in the pursuit of Inclusive Exponential Development and Transformation of the People, Place and Society.

Environment Protection & Development

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Cultural Preservation & Development

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Human Resource and Education

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Economic & Infrastructural Development

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Rural & Tribal Development

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