Faculty and Departments – Academics – Schools and Departments of MIU
School of Humanities and Social Sciences
School of Sciences
School of Continuing Education
School of Engineering and Technology
School of Commerce and Management Studies
School of Health Sciences
School of Computer and Information
Sciences Centre for Polar Studies – with proposed research laboratories in Antarctica, Arctic and Himalaya Regions
Centre for Astronomy and Space Studies
Centre for Foreign Language (Training, Literature and Linguistics)
Center for Hinduism and Vedic Sciences
Centre for Astrology and Sanskrit Studies
Centre for Theology and Religious Studies
Center for Tibetan Medicine and Astro Science [in association with Men-Tsee-Khang (Sowa-Rigpa)]
Center for AYUSH
Directorate of Hindi
Directorate of Regional Indian Languages and Research
Directorate of State Research
Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry
Directorate of Organic Farming, Dairy Technology and Animal Husbandry
Directorate of Veterinary Science and Research
Directorate of Consultancy and Research Services Academy for International Science and Research (India) (UK)
Universal Agricultural Research Institute – An Autonomous Institution having 1000 Hectares of separate Land specifically allocated to it for research in the State of Mizoram, India.