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The University regulates use of its name, including Manipur International University MIU, the names of its schools and programs, its shield and related insignia, trademarks and logos (“insignia”) to ensure that such use is related to the University’s educational, service and research missions and promotes its objectives. Responsibility for overseeing use of the University’s names and insignia lies with the Secretary of the University.


https://miu.ac  is the only official website of the Manipur International University.

MIU also owns the other domain names such as (miu.edu.in, miu.res.in, miu.ac.in).  MIU Staff and Associates use the domain name ending with the miu.edu.in for email and MIU Students are provided with the email address ending with miu.ac.in.


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About MIU Logo

he Logo of the Manipur International University is used by the MIU to represent the University in all of its official correspondences, certificates, website etc. The logo portrays two elephants guarding the Ashoka Chakra representing the Dharma Chakra (Wheel of Dharma; a wheel represented with 24 spokes symbolically representing the Dharma, the right way of living, cosmic law and order, four noble truths of life by Lord Buddha or simply the life) and Ancient shortened version of PakhangbhaPaphal representing the supreme God of the Meitei tradition of State of Manipur.

The logo also contains the following:

“JnanamAnantam” a phrase in Sanskrit written in Devanagari script meaning “Knowledge is Infinite”.

“Fiat Lux” is a phrase in Latin which means “Let there be light” in English which can also be found in Rigveda and also in Book of Genesis which is part of Hebrew Bible. This word is considered divine and has exerted a powerful influence on the English poetic tradition.

“InveniamViam” which means “I shall find a way” in English. This is taken from the ancient latin verse “Autinveniamviamautfaciam”; which means “I shall either find a way or make one”.

A “Trinity Knot” which is also called Triquetra is an ancient symbol known for its versatility. It represents various things in various cultures like Father, Son and Holy Spirit / Past, Present and Future / creation, innocence and wisdom/ goodness of nature as mother, maiden and crone etc. It is also believed to be symbol of luck and longevity.

A representation of the Symbol called “Lu” which is an auspicious Chinese symbol which looks like Hindu Swastik and it stands for prosperity, fortune and wealth

A representation of the Symbol called “Fu” which is an auspicious Chinese symbol for good luck, fortune and Blessing.

A symbolic representation of a Head of Rhino is a symbol of gentleness, unconventional behaviour, peaceful personalities, steadiness, power and agility.

A “Shankha” – a conch shell which is sacred emblem of the Hindu preserver of God Vishnu and also has a great ritual/religious significance in Hinduism and Buddhism. The Shankha is praised in Hindu Scriptures as a giver of fame, longevity and prosperity, the cleanser of sin and the abode of goddess Lakshmi, who is the goddess of wealth and consort of Lord Vishnu.

A symbolic representation of “Manipura” which is the third primary chakra according to vedic tradition. Manipur is associated with fire and the power of transformation.

It has two elephants facing each other with their trunks upwards. The elephant is associated with the Buddha and the Indian deity Lord Ganesha and it is used to symbolize power, wisdom, strength, protection of the home, fertility, leadership, and general good luck. Their trunks facing upwards also represents prosperity, good luck, knowledge and academic success in general.

The Outer wheel also symbolises Dharma Chakra and it also means progress is being or continues to be made in life or simply it symbolises the life cycle.

Other elements: Two banners below the shield, each for carrying the words “Manipur International University’ in Meitei Mayek (Manipuri Script) and in English respectively. This logo is used in all the certificates, stationary, mementos and on exteriors of all the buildings of the University.


https://miu.ac is the only official website of the University.

Any other website providing any information about university is not genuine and the university shall not be responsible for authenticity of any data. We neither offer nor have any franchise or admission centre.