Frequently Asked Questions

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Where is MIU located?

MIU is located in the scenic state of Manipur North Eastern India. MIU campus locations are spread across various districts of Manipur. The Administrative Headquarters of the University is presently located at MIU HQ, MIU Palace, Airport Road, Imphal, Imphal West, Manipur – 795140, which is a 2 minutes drive from BirTikendrajit International Airport. Landmark – HRD Academy.

Is MIU a state University?

Yes, Manipur International University (MIU) is an Autonomous State International University situated in the scenic State of Manipur in India. It is a Statutory University established, recognised and accredited by the State Government of Manipur by an Act of the State. Declared as an “International University of Excellence” and as an “Institution of State Importance” by the State.

Is MIU recognised by UGC?

MIU is recognised by the University Grants Commission (UGC), MHRD, Government of India under section 2(f) and section 22 of UGC Act, 1956.

How many campuses does MIU have?

MIU is gong to have 15 campuses across the State. Whereas the international headquarter will near the city of Imphal.

Is MIU a traditional University or an Online University?

MIU is purely a traditional university with on-campus learning programs. However, it may start distance learning and online programs in the future according to the demand of the people.

What is the Meaning of MIU logo?

The logo portrays two elephants guarding the Ashoka Chakra representing the Dharma Chakra (Wheel of Dharma; a wheel represented with 24 spokes symbolically representing the Dharma, the right way of living, cosmic law and order, four noble truths of life by Lord Buddha or simply the life) and Ancient shortened version of PakhangbhaPaphal representing the supreme God of the Meitei tradition of State of Manipur