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Kakching Garden

Kakching Garden at Uyok Ching, in the south of Kakching Bazar. It is a manicured garden filled with different types of flowers. A stone statue of Lord Mahadev stand tall on the top of the hill, and apart from it there is also a stone statue to which is known as Kwak Tanba in the western part. People without gender and ages went there to worship on the very special day of Cheiraoba, which is one of the most valuable festivals of the people since the very olden days.

Langol Peak Garden

Tlanglhungbung Leikol or Langol Peak garden lies in the Langol Village of Machi Sub-Division in Chandel District about 60 kms drive from the heart of Imphal city along the Indo-Myanmar road, surrounded by beautiful landscape, hillocks and breathe taking sceneries.

It is said that in legendary myth Khamba-Thoibi of Manipur, Thoibi came to pick the very special flowers known as Thoibi-Lei from this peak. It is also a historical site for the World War 2 where allied force put up their camps. Langol Peak or Tlanglhungbung is now becoming one of the favourite tourist centres in Manipur.

Selloi Langmai Ecological Park

Selloi Langmai Ecological Park is a park situated at Nongmaijing Chingkhong hill, Laphupokpi, Kshetrigao, Imphal East district. It is a scenic tourist spot in Imphal, surrounded by hills on three sides.


It is a favourite tourist spot in Bishnupur District lying at the outskirts of the District Headquarters. Loukoipat is an Eco-Park with a small but beautiful lake surrounded on all sides by green foliage-rich hillocks. Tourists can go for boating in the lake. An inspection Banglow with cool greenery at the top of an adjacent hillock overlooking the lake awaits visitors on the look-out for a night’s stay.

Singda Dam

The highest mud dam in the world is the Singda Dam. Singda, located 16 km from the capital city of Imphal, is located at a height of about meters above sea level. Located at an altitude of 920 mts above sea level, the dam is a multipurpose irrigation project overlooking a beautiful lake.

It is a very popular hiking and picnicking spot with its scenic views, and relative calm. More than the dam itself, the ride to the dam is breathtakingly beautiful with panoramic views of Paddy fields and lush green hills.

Maphou Dam

Maphou Dam is located in the Mapithel Hills range and is situated on the bank of the Thoubal River. It is located 36 kilometres from the city of Imphal. It is surrounded by villages belonging to the Tangkhul tribe. This is a project intended generate electricity and to supply water for irrigation and drinking, and is expected to be completed by 2011.The dam is surrounded by picturesque lush green hills.

Khonghampat Orchidarium

On the northern side of Imphal, about 7 kilometers from the city of Imphal on National Highway number 39 is the one of a kind Khonghampat Orchidarium. This has 110 varieties of orchids, including the rare ones. The best time to visit the place is in April and May. The Orchidarium is perched on top of a small hillock, adorned with verdant floras. 

Nillai Tea Estate Ukhrul

Located in the second biggest town of the Ukhrul district, the Nillai Tea Estate specialises in green tea and is a popular tourist attraction of the city. Visiting the tea-estate one could witness the greenery all around with a fresh aroma in the environment, The tea grown here is first hand plucked and then sun dried which enriched the medicinal qualities of the tea leaves. Even though machine work could be done but the locals believe in the natural processing of the tea which becomes a hit in the market as well. The unique feature about the tea grown here is that the real flavour comes after the second boil. Entering the Nillai Tea Estate one could see greenery all around which is no less than a treat to the eyes.

Santhei Natural Park

Andro Village is located about 21kms from Imphal in the North Eastern side of Manipur. It is a cultural hub of Manipur where some of the state’s ethnic heritage, cultural practice and age old traditions can be witnessed. The centuries old ritual fire which still burns at the Panam Ningthou temple under the supervision of the temple authorities is a symbol of deeply rooted religious beliefs. At the fringe of the village there lies Santhei Natural Park which is an outcome of the villagers’ zeal for the conservation of nature and its rational utilization. An artificial dam has been routed making it enchantingly beautiful and serving as water body cum source of public utility.

Panan Ningthou Garden

Well Maintained garden with lots of beautiful flower plantation, small hut like corner’s to sit around, relax and a decent lake in the middle. It’s good for a quiet and calm environment and perfect hangout and picnic spot. Small ponds and orchids in the garden venue for photography.

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