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Historical Importance and War Memorials

Kangla Fort, Imphal

Also known as the Palace of Kangla, this place situated on the banks of the Imphal river, served as the royal palace of King Pakhangba, the residence of olden rulers of Manipur, the Meitei Dynasty. The Kangla fort was present in the place for more than 2 millenniums now. The oldest date of its mention is found under the chronicles of king Pakhangba who was in the reign of the region as early as during 33 AD. it was considered not only a seat of political power and economical hub but also a place of sacred belief. After 2003 this fort has been open for public viewing. It has historical as well as archaeological significance which makes it a great tourist attraction.

INA Memorial, Moirang

Once used as the unofficial headquarters of the Indian National Army, this memorial was built to honour the soldiers who had sacrificed their lives for India. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose motivated and formed armies here to participate in the freedom struggle.

Shaheed Minar, Imphal

This 11 m tall tower is situated in the centre of the Bir Tirkendrajit Park and is a memorial for those who died against the British while fighting in the Meitei Revolt in 1891

Japanese War Memorial, Lokpaching

On the 50th anniversary of the battle of 1944 between Japan and British, the Japanese War Memorial or Red Hill Lokpaching was built to honour and show reverence to those Japanese and INA soldiers who fought the British and laid down their lives in that battle for their country’s interest and honour. Located in Lokpaching on the way from Imphal to Moirang and Loktak lake at National Highway 150 connecting Imphal to Aizawl. History of this memorial discloses that the Japanese, particularly Major Fujiwara who is considered God Father of INA and who had fought in the battle, worked tirelessly for creation of this Memorial.

Indian Army War Cemetery, Imphal, Manipur

The Indian Army War Cemetery is the final resting place of about 860 Indian and African soldiers. Hindu and Sikh Soldiers of the British Army were given funeral according to the religious customs and their names are commemorated in the list at the cemetery. It is, as is usual, beautifully maintained and a fine tribute to those – all volunteers – who died in service. The graves and cremation memorials cover many races and range in age, as well as the role played by the different individuals. The range goes from winners of the Victoria Cross to those whose contribution was no less important such as porters, carpenters, farriers and water carriers. The Indian Army war cemetery is quite near the Western gate of Kangla Fort, across the Imphal River.

Imphal War Cemetery, Manipur

The Imphal cemetery is dedicated for those who fought on British side against the Japanese and INA forces during World War II. About 1,600 graves are held here. A walk in the cemetery make visitors solemn and wonder about the huge price of war where hundreds of thousands of soldiers died. It does not matter which nationalities they were, if you spare a moment that anybody who died prematurely in war was dear to his family and friends. A very beautiful, solemn place and well maintained cemetery.

Commonwealth War Graves Cemeteries Imphal

Maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, the Imphal War Cemetery is a resting place for those souls who died in the battle of Imphal from 1939 to 1945. Tourists coming to visit Imphal from across the globe surely makes a visit to the Commonwealth War Graves Cemeteries. On visiting, one can witness how well the area is maintained and the names on the grave is still a reminder to those souls who fought here. The place is adorned with beautiful flowers and trees that surround the cemetery. Other than this, it is also a cool hangout place for locals living in Imphal as well as those coming from outside.

INA Memorial Imphal

Dedicated to the soldiers of the Indian National Army, the INA Martyrs Memorial Complex in Moirang holds a great significance in the history of India’s Freedom Struggle. The purpose behind the construction of the memorial was to pay tribute to the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the nation. All the more, the bodies of the martyred soldiers are buried in the INA Memorial Complex. The collection of letters, badges of ranks, photographs and other war memorabilia which truly reminds us about the noble sacrifices made by the INA soldiers. You can also witness the rare photographs of Netaji and the items used by Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. Entering the complex, there are three large monuments. The first one comprises the replica of the INA War Memorial, the second one is a life-sized bronze statue of Subhas Chandra Bose and the third one is a stone structure built in the traditional Manipuri style. A visit to INA Memorial will take the tourists to know about the history and other things connected to it.


Khongjom War Memorial Complex

The Battle of Khongjom was the greatest battle of the Anglo-Manipur War. Great freedom fighters-Major Paona Brajabasi, Chinglen Sana, Khumbong Major, Loitongba Jamadar, Keisa Jamadar, Heirang Khongja and many more rank and files of Manipuri warriors sacrificed their lives at this battlefield. About 50 Manipuris lost there lives and two Tangkhuls were also among those killed in hand to hand fight. Lt. Brackenbary and some sepoys of the British Army lost their lives on the side of the British. Khongjom War Memorial Complex is constructed in honour of the sacrifices of those individuals.

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