Natural Marvel

Loktak Lake and Sendra Island, Imphal

The largest fresh water lake in the country, Loktak Lake and the Sendra Island on it, are one of the most beautiful attractions of the state. Loktak Lake which is called as floating lake- the best spot of Manipur, at Moirang

Zeilad Lake, Tamenglong

This lake is famous for the number of pythons, fish and water birds found here. Large tortoises, ducks, cranes and teals are also seen in this lake. It has a picturesque location atop a hill and has been declared as one of the wildlife sanctuaries in Manipur.

Tharon Cave, Tamenglong 

A 655.6 m long cave, this cave can be explored inside out by enthusiasts, with the help of the map drawn outside the cave. It attracts tourists interested in an adventurous experience. It is also spelled as the Thaeuluan Cave.

Ikop Lake – Thoubal

Ikop Pat has a very unique saucer shaped basin like appearance with heavy deposits of silt at its bottom due to a gentle slant which becomes increasingly steeper towards the bottom.

Barak Waterfall, Tamenglong

There are seven waterfalls in series at close range along the river Barak. It is the source origin of Barak river

Buning meadows, Tamenglong

A paradise for nature lovers, this place is coloured with beautiful lilies and orchids all over, complemented by the multitudes of birds and other animals. The brooks that run over only add to the sparkle of the meadows.


It is the home of world famous Shirui (Siroy) Lily (Lilium Mackliniae). Situated in the Ukhrul district in a village called Shirui, the Shirui Kashung peak is a very famous peak which is above 2825 km from the sea-level. The village Shirui is located at a distance of 97 km from Imphal and about 18 km from Ukhrul. The lion’s share of the rivers flowing through the Indian state of Manipur, the ‘jeweled land’ of the country as it is popularly known as has their sources from the slopes and cervices of that of the Shirui peak. The Shirui flowers grow in this hill. Not only the Shirui flowers, the peak also has got many rare birds nesting there such as Mrs. Hume’s bar-backed pheasant, Blyth’s tragopan, etc. Shirui Kashung is an ideally out of the ordinary hot spot for adventure lovers.


Phangrei Hill, Ukhrul

Surrounded by meadows and Shirui Hills, Phangrei Hill in Lunghar village is a scenic place to visit perfect for Camping and sight seeing. A 20 minutes’ trek to the top of the hills unveils nature’s beauty at its best. Phangrei Hill, Ukhrul is just 30 minutes’ drive from Ukhrul District Capital. The locals living in this area as well as the tourists coming from across the globe love trekking up to the hill to reach the peak where one could witness the scenic beauty all around that is truly mesmerising and treat to the eyes and soul.


Dzuko Valley – Manipur and Nagaland Border

Dzükou/Dzüko Valley a lesser known pocket of paradise for trekkers and wanderers in search of solitude amidst nature, is a valley located in borders of the state of Nagaland and Manipur in northeast India. This valley is well known for its natural environment, seasonal flowers and flora and fauna. It is situated at an altitude of 2452 m above sea level. The rare Dzükou Lily is found only in this valley. The valley is famous for its wide range of flower in every season. But the most famous one is the Dzükou lily. The picturesque landscape offers a panoramic view of gentle rolling hills that are guaranteed to have a spellbinding effect. During the rainy season, the entire valley is carpeted with flowers, lending it a very special charm. It is one of the best and unexplored trekking circuit in India. The trek offers lush green views speckled with a wide variety of flora and the meandering twin rivers of Dzukou and Japfu offer their company guaranteeing to bestow a feeling of serenity and tranquility.

Khayang Peak Ukhrul

With an altitude of 3114 meter above the sea level, the Khayang Peak is the highest in the Ukhrul district. Visiting the peak one could get a complete Kaleidoscopic view of the entire region that gives a complete view of the flowing hills, the winding streams, undulating valleys and the brilliant hamlets. In simple words-the view of the Khayang Peak is just magical. The place offers an enchanting & breath-taking view of the picturesque surroundings from atop. The sight of the sun rising from the peak is something that cannot be expressed in words but only needs to be experienced. For those who aren’t visiting Khayang Peak for trekking can hire public transport and go for a long drive to the top of the hill to breathe in the aura of nature.

Sadu Chiru Waterfall

About 20 Kms from Imphal or on way back from INA Memorial and Loktak Lake one has to detour a bit to see this lovely waterfall also known as Leimaram waterfall. This is a picturesque site famous for its perennial waterfall situated at a scenic foot hill. The uphill climb is not recommended for the aged. But once there, it is a pleasure to the eyes. A perfect spot for family picnic and relaxation, water level goes down in the early summers but it remains a good place to visit amidst hills and forest.

Kachou Phung Lake Ukhrul

Nestled on the sloped of the Achuwa Magi Hills, the Kachou Phung Lake in Ukhrul which is also called the Azoa Jenephiu Magi Lake is a beautiful natural lake which is spread over 9 acres and is believed to be roughly shaped in the form of Indian Map. Visiting the lake, one would see how amazingly the nature enhances the beauty of the place as the lake is bound by several hillocks on all the sides. The beauty of the place has tremendous potential that keeps the locals as well as the tourists coming from different parts of the world. One could even get the opportunity to witness the colorful fishes giving the scope of pisciculture.

Khangkhui Cave Ukhrul

Locally called as the Khangkhui Mangsor, the Khangkhui Cave is a natural limestone cave. Visiting the place, one could see the large sedimentary limestone formations. What makes the cave more interesting are the formed limestones where some appears to be hanging from the ceiling while some growing from the ground offering a very surreal experience. The cave comprises two large chambers and five tunnels. What keeps the visitors excited inside the cave is finding the way out through the darkness of the caves which is a mystical and unique experience in itself which grabs the attention of the visitors and the curiosity. Not just this but the Khangkhui Cave was even used as a shelter by the local people during World War II. Also, the archaeologists have discovered important artefacts in and around the cave, that dates back to the Palaeolithic culture.

Hundung Mova Cave Ukhrul

Situated near the now-defunct cement factory, The Hundung Mova cave is a limestone cave which can be visited after a reroute to Ukhrul. The place depicts the true scenic beauty where one can lose themselves amid the nature. Visiting the place one can witness the mesmerizing charm of the cave which has a main hall of the cave where over 100 odd individuals can assemble. Walking a little away from the cave is a steep solid rock mountain which according to the local myth is believed to be the male partner of the Hundung Mova Cave.

Khayang Waterfall Ukhrul

Being the biggest waterfall in Ukhrul, The Khayang Waterfalls is also popularly known as the Telly Waterfalls but the locals prefer it calling Khayang. Visiting the attraction, witness how the waterfall which is at a height of approx 745 ft. appears to be magical to the eyes, mind and soul that slowly cascades down the hills. For the nature lovers, a visit to Khayang is a must as it helps one feel rejuvenated. Also, the place is blessed with thick deciduous vegetation and displays a wide variety of flora and fauna which is truly mesmerising. The scenic beauty that appears while going to the waterfall is a fest to the eyes which is indescribable and can only be felt by being there. In short, a visit to the Khayang Waterfalls is worth a visit especially to the ones who want to lose themselves amid nature and for those who want to experience the thrill.

Ango Ching Ukhrul

Covering a forest of approx 150 sq.km., the Ango Ching is a virgin forest that lies on the Myanmar border in the east while the river Sanalok flowing on the west. One the way to visiting the Ango Ching, one could witness that the way is mostly inaccessible as it passes through a difficult terrain. As the Ango Ching is lesser explored place in Ukhrul, the natural beauty of the place is more which is sure to grab the attention of the tourists visiting the place. The place is truly a heaven of flora and fauna which one could witness including wild bison, black bear, leopard, peacock tragopan, elephants, sambars, tigers, barking deer, deer, hook lock, leopard, horn bills, wild cat and more.



The spectacular Barak waterfalls located within the still largely unexplored forest territory of Tamenglong is literally a feast for the eyes. With indigenous and equally mystic surroundings, it has the right combination of ingredients and an apt terrain that provides a weekend retreat while at the same time alternating as an adventure trek destination. Barak waterfalls, situated deep within forest territory and surrounded by thick vegetation on all sides is covered by a blanket of mist and fog during the onset of the winter season which gives its mystic aura a further boost.
Barak waterfalls facilitate water rafting in its milky and turbulent waters while the ridges and precipices surrounding the peaks around it provide foothold for those wishing to try their hand at mountain climbing. It is second abode for adventure sports enthusiasts as much as it is home to weekend retreats for those looking to break away from the rush and chaos of urban landscape.