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The University provides various documents to the student / Employees after they complete their courses like Certificates, Degree or Letter of Recommendation.

Every document provided to the students / Employees and other parties is given a unique document verification number which is pre-uploaded in the system.

All the documents and paper works received by both internal and external parties bearing the name of the University can verify the authenticity of the document in this directory.

Transparency and accountability is very dear to us. It is a part of the University’s vision to stay true and transparent in all our activities and also to discourage any parties who may try to duplicated or use the name of the university in vain and other fraudulent purposes.

Therefore, the University archives every outgoing documents and parties involve can verify the authenticity of their document received in the name of the University. If the letter or document or paper is not found in this directory, please confirm with our team for manual verification at verification@miu.edu.in.